About Middle East Forum & Workshop

Our country is in close network with the countries of the Middle East due to its historical background and geographical location. Within the Middle East geography, which is the richest area concerning history ​​of civilizations, it is becoming increasingly important for the universities in Turkey to evaluate the position of our country correctly and to discuss historical events and political developments in an academic environment. The problems faced by the Middle East countries, which makes the world agenda more and more busy with itself, will be handled and discussed at this forum and workshop through experts, academicians and intellectuals from the Middle East or other countries. They will especially evaluate Turkey’s position, attitude and developed foreign policy motivations related to this area. The Forum and the Workshop will provide these academics and intellectuals opportunities for discussion, exchange of ideas and acquaintance with each other. In addition, possible cooperation opportunities will be searched by means of congregation of domestic and foreign scholars specializing in the Middle East through this Forum and Workshop. At the same time, this workshop and Forum will also contribute to the opportunity of promotion of Turkey through an international organization.

A theme titled “Development, Peace and Cooperation in the Middle East” has been defined for the aforementioned International Workshop and Forum which will be organized first in Kırıkkale University. An organization to be structured within this theme will be an event that will enable us to evaluate our country’s relationship with the Middle Eastern countries and its developed humanitarian political sensitivity and foreign policy in the face of the problems of this region. In addition, we will be able to discuss and understand these issues in the global framework as well as historical and contemporary issues and events. Workshop and forum’s web page address is “”.